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Building & Hardware Supplies

See our extensive range of building products at our Amuri Store, Aitutaki. We have everything you need for your new building project or renovation.


Building Supplies

Come in to SpiderCo Main Store in Amuri. Talk to our Staff friendly about your building requirements or just have a look round!

electrical supplies

Electrical Supplies

We have cables to switches to light fittings and more. If we don't have it on our shelves, we can arrange to get it for you.

plumbing supplies

Plumbing Supplies

Assorted bends, taps, water pipes & joiners, toilet bowls, water pumps and much more. The list is exhaustive! Come and See for yourself!

Grass Cutters & Chain Saws

Full warranty, conditions apply. Oils & lubes always available for each model....

framing timber & wallboards

Framing Timber & Wall Boards

We have a wharehouse full of building timber products from framing timber to posts, interior and exterior wallboards and also gib. Just enquire at our Main Store.

nails & fastners

Nails & Fastners

Assorted nail sizes and types, nail plates, roof fastners & strapping, nuts & bolts....Container lots or just a bag...

adhesives & fillers

Adhesives & Fillers

Gap Fillers, Gib & Liquid Wood Glues, Kero & Meths....

oils & lubes

Engine Oils & Lubricants

Engine oils & lubricants in handy take home 1 litre bottles....More Instore....

cement & grout

Cement & Tile Grout

Always Instore but if you want a truck load, we can drop it off right to your door....

Paints,Stains & Polyurethane

We can tint your paint to any Watyl colour. Also instore are Stains & Polyurethane.We have paint brushes & rollers with trays....

handy tools

Handy Tools

We have long or short ladders, wheelbarrows, plastic chairs. Plumbing tool hire at front counter...

Customer Care & Service

We provide door to door,same day delivery service completely free of charge. Just book before 11 AM. Kia Orana e Kia Manuia from Spider Company.

Feel free to contact us about anything.

Send us your building plans and we will provide you with a quote to supply your building materials right here on Aitutaki.
No shipping or transport hassles to worry about. We have a Free delivery service available for our hardware customers.
Saving you time and energy to concentrate on building your new home or renovation. Kia Orana.