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Meet The Spider Main Store Team

Spider Main Store Team
Left to Right: Aaron,Gideon,John,Juiel,Hinau, Teu and Teremoana

Meet The Spider Energy Centre Team

Spider Energy Team
Left to Right: Gideon, Rosalina, Twin and Janetta.

Meet Our Director

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About Spider Company by Savage Lockington

The Founder of Spider Company is Savage Lockington, a mild man, but advanced in years with his knowledge on technology and the services that Aitutaki dearly needed to break into the 21st century.
Early 2003, he added an internet cafe to his general store, but still, there was no name for the store. So over a chin wag with his dear friend, Sabati, who suggested the name "Spider!", "why Spider" was the reply, "cause - you know!, the spider makes the "web/ interNET". So, Savage asked Sabati if the word "spider" is mentioned in the Bible, as they are both astute Christians. The word "spider" is mentioned in the Book of Proverbs - and the "Spider" symbolises "Wisdom". So, "Spider Company" was founded on strong christian beliefs, even to this day.
Savage Lockington has handed over the reigns to his son John Lockington and Aaron Mataiti (his Nephew), though he is still passionately involved with the daily riggers of his business on Aitutaki.
Spider Company has grown since then, the internet cafe is no longer but we have added Timber and Building products, Electrical and Plumbing Fittings. Whiteware products including Stoves, Ovens, Fridges and Freezers. We are authorised agents of Samsung TV's and Fridges, along with LG TV's and Stereo systems on our shelves.
We also have a wide range of every day Grocery items and assorted Frozen Goods.
Not forgetting a great variety of Drinkies - from Cold stuff to the Hot stuff!!!
Our new "Spider Energy Fuel Centre" on Airport Road, a fuel station and general grocery store opened it's doors for business 2017. We have Gas Bottle Swaps and also Gas Bottle Re-Fills at both stores.
Our Main Store and Office is located on the Main Road in Amuri Village (not far from the Heineken Store).
Be Great to See you! Pop In!...Kia Orana e Kia Manuia.